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They Came from New Jersey!Daily Intelligence Update

(24) Convicted Nazi war criminal Heinrich Doetz was executed in Wiesbaden, West Germany at 0600 GMT. He evaded capture for several years. His promotion to Reich Marshall was just several hours before Hitler’s death. His orders to place children and women on the lines against American and Russian troops caused his conviction of “Crimes against Humanity.” Doetz last words were, “From the rubble of Berlin, the Phoenix Brotherhood will rise. Beware America, for we will consume you!”

Colonel Fitzhugh knocked softly on the door to Major Candace Dare’s room. A curt “Come,” came through the door.

Fitzhugh opened the door to find Dare lowering her Luger. “I thought you were Helga Hotstuff.”

“You were going to shoot her? I thought we talked,” Fitzhugh said.

“About not shooting Von Zorm, if I remember correctly.”

“Perhaps I should take your Luger away from you. I want to be clear that you are not allowed to shoot anyone.”
Fitzhugh closed the door and sat at a small desk in the room. Dare put her pistol in her handbag.

“Well, Major, what did you think about dinner last night?”

Dare sat at the end of her immaculately made bed.
“He certainly feels he’s God’s gift to the planet, doesn’t he, Colonel?”

“Yes, he does. He kept steering the conversation away from what he is doing here. We have to be firm today, we must see what is really going on.”

A knock at the door ended conversation. Major Dare walked to open the door. “Yes?”

Helga “Hotstuff” Haniker stood in the hallway. “Ah, Herr Colonel and Fraulein Major are asked to come to the dining room for breakfast. The Doctor hopes to show you all his progress today.”

“Thank you, Miss Haniker,” Fitzhugh said. “We’ll be right there.”

Helga smiled and nodded, turning to walk away.

Dare closed the door, “Do you think we are really going to get the tour?” she asked.

“Only one way to find out” Fitzhugh pointed to the door.


They Came From New Jersey – Part 4

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They Came from New Jersey!Daily Intelligence Update

(14) The prototype YB-52 arrived at Nellis Air Force Base for extensive testing. The “Stratofortress” will be the Air Force’s newest long range bomber, pending successful tests. Operational details are still classified and on a “Need to Know” basis only.

Colonel Fitzhugh found Major Candace Dare at the dining table. A cup of steaming coffee sat in front of her. He watched as she meticulously cleaned her pistol.

“A Luger? Seriously Major?” Fitzhugh asked.

“I got this from a fine German officer. Number sixty-seven or eight, I believe.”

“Not a powerful as a 45, I’m afraid.”

Dare laughed. “Who need power when you have accuracy? Besides nine millimeter is the future.”

“You can keep your little pea-shooter, Major. I’ll keep my Colt, thank you. Where’s the coffee?”

Dare nodded her head without dropping her pistol. “There’s some eggs and sausage there too.”

Fitzhugh didn’t feel like breakfast, but knew it would be a long day. He went over and put a couple of sausages with some eggs and filled a coffee mug. He sat across from Dare.

“So, Colonel, what are we expecting today?” asked Dare.

Fitzhugh took a sip of the coffee, decided it wasn’t half bad. “We are expecting to meet Dr. Herbst Von Zorm. We will see how his experiments are coming along. The Pentagon wants some sort of update before they renew Recalcitrant Laboratories contract.”

“You mean Recalcitrant has been running the experiments?”

“Yes, Major. The army contracted Recalcitrant Labs for this project. Von Zorm is the director of the Frenchman’s Flat Facility.”

“I’m not sure I like the idea of an ex-Nazi working for the lowest bidder, Colonel.”

Major Dare pulled back the action on her Luger and pulled the trigger. The click of the firing pin in the empty chamber resounded through the room. She started loading the clip.

“Promise me, Major, that you’re not going to shoot Von Zorm.”

They Came From New Jersey – Part 3

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They Came from New Jersey!Daily Intelligence Update

(14) The Tikaboo Valley Gazette reports three cows near Rachel, Nevada have been found dead. The cows were inflicted with wounds from an unknown source. Farmers in the area first thought that coyotes were attacking livestock. The brutality of the attacks suggests either a Satanist type cult, or another predator. Panthers have been known in the region, but the wounds on the cows suggest otherwise. Local Nevada authorities continue to investigate.

Major Dare stood waiting by the converted C-47 as Colonel Fitzhugh arrived at the airfield. He watched as she walked over to his car and opened the door.

“Good morning, Colonel. Our flight is just about fueled,” she told him.

“Why are we taking this gooney bird?” Fitzhugh asked.

“All that’s available on short notice, Colonel.”

“We could walk faster.”

“We could stand here all day and try to decide, or we could get on and least head that way,” Dare said.

Fitzhugh sighed and climbed in.

Fitzhugh looked at the interior. The leather seats looked more comfortable than any he saw on a military plane. Tables were placed between the seats to allow conferences.

“So what general gave up his flying office?” Fitzhugh asked.

“I called in a favor,” Dare answered.

A major stood at the front cabin door.

“Colonel, if you and the major would buckle up, we’ll get on our way.”

“Sure thing, Major. How long will the flight be?”

“Well, it will take about fifteen hours at normal cruising speed, plus a refuel.”

“Any way of boosting that, Major?”

“I can push it a little, Colonel, but then we’d have to make two refuels. But we’d gain about three hours, and maybe we’ll get a tailwind.”

“Do the best you can do, major, the faster the better.”

The major closed the door. Colonel Fitzhugh and Major Dare sat opposite each other and buckled up.
“I’ve arranged that there will be no flight crew. And Major Doring, the pilot, will not come through the door unannounced, so we will have complete privacy,” Major Dare said.

Fitzhugh was getting a little uncomfortable. “Because…why?”

They Came From New Jersey – Part 2

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They Came from New Jersey!Daily Intelligence Update

(38) The sheriff’s department of Cassville, New Jersey reported the theft of 30 albino rabbits from the Morgan Breeding Farm. These rabbits are used in experiments at the Recalcitrant Laboratories. No other equipment or experimental animals were reported missing. Authorities at Recalcitrant Laboratories are unavailable for comment but sources feel that the disappearances will not affect the laboratories ability to meet current contractual obligations.

Colonel Fitzhugh returned to work. The events of the previous day did not proceed as he hoped. His sergeant was sent for training at Warrant Officer School in Arizona. His replacement, a WAC Major named Candace Dare, was temporarily assigned to him, until the return of Sergeant Hutton.

Fitzhugh needed to get some sort of organization before the major showed up and “helped.” He made his way across the parking lot in the pre-dawn darkness. His limp was more pronounced; he slept little and returned early to work. Something was up with Dr. von Zorm’s experiments.

He opened the outer door to his office.

Major Candace Dare quickly leapt to attention. “Colonel Fitzhugh, I didn’t expect you for another hour at least.”

“Good morning, Major,” He replied. “I see you are trying to organize things.”

“Yes, sir. Trying is a good word. It seems the good sergeant hadn’t a clue.”

Colonel Fitzhugh chuckled as he removed his overcoat. “Wait until you see my office, Major.”

Fitzhugh opened the door and froze.

“I’m sorry, Colonel. I though I would tackle that first.”

“Holy Seven Stars Major, how am I going to find anything?”

“A lot easier than your ‘sedimentary’ filing system, I assure you.”

Fitzhugh seethed. “I do not understand why they needed to stick me with a whacko WAC. What mortal sin did I commit to fall in this hell?”

“Perhaps it had something to do with threatening to kill your sergeant, Colonel. As far as babysitting you, I’m not exactly thrilled, either. This will do no good for my career path, you know.”

“A WAC major with a career path? You mean, other than tricking a general into marrying you?”

Fitzhugh watched the rage cross Candace Dare’s face. He watched as she recovered quickly and smiled. “Perhaps you should have a seat, Colonel. I would like to tell you about reality.”

They Came From New Jersey! – Part 1

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They Came from New Jersey!Daily Intelligence Update

(27) From the Princeton Dispatch: Authorities are investigating theft of nearly 300 Albino rabbits. These rabbits were used in testing at the Recalcitrant Laboratories. The rabbits were delivered to the Millbrook Rendering Plant for disposal. The rabbits were tested using different biological agents. The investigation will continue.

Colonel Daniel Fitzhugh grunted as he plopped himself in his old wooden swivel chair. His old wounds, suffered from the landing at Inchon nearly two years still ached on cold rainy days. The dampness of the Washington winters crept in his bones and muscles, especially in February. With the approaching snowstorm, his muscles ached all the more.

He tried to hide this fact from all his superiors at the Pentagon. He regular walked up the four levels of ramps to his drab little office in “C” ring. His office was strategically located between his ranking superiors and a viable heating system. He regularly threatened to install a wood-burning stove to the buildings engineers. He wondered who planned the buildings heating system and fell back on the Army’s old adage. It was of course, the “lowest bidder” syndrome.

His staff sergeant, Will Hutton, had a hot cup of coffee waiting for him when he arrived, as usual. He managed a couple of sips when two knocks sounded at the door.
“Come,” he said.

Sgt. Hutton opened the door and handed him a folded paper. He took it and the sergeant promptly left without comment.

When the door was closed he opened the note.

“Results positive. Testing phase beginning. Herbst Von Zorm”

He turned the paper over. There was no “Top Secret” or “Eyes Only” stamps. Damn, he thought, someone will have to pay for this.


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Combat hero Colonel Daniel Fitzhugh is given a desk assignment after recovering from serious injuries sustained at the landing at Inchon, Korea. His assignment: oversee development of biological weapons at a secret lab in Nevada. The lab is run by the ex-Nazi scientist, Dr. Herbst Von Zorm . . .

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